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Motorola Nowadays: Selling Nostalgic from Millennial and Gen Z Era

Motorola Nowadays. In 2004, Motorola Razr V3 with its flip-style was well-known as one of the hot and trend-setting mobile phones. In the era when a mobile phone was not as common as today, Motorola bombed the market with a futuristic flip phone model. Having a memory of my high school, I dropped my jaw staring at my uncle’s new phone that I can open and close like an actress in a movie. So cool. Luckily, I got my own Motorola flip phone in 2006 when I graduated. I remember how I showed it off by taking up a call from my mom in front of friends. Proudly.

Fifteen years apart, where mobile phones have various and sophisticated specifications yet tend to get bigger on screen, Motorola breaks the market by bringing back the memory of the cool flip phone into an upgraded version. Introducing Razr 5G in 2020, Motorola hit the buzz. The unit was reported sold out within two minutes in the first sale of the Chinese Market. 

When one wise says “the past is done, move on!”, well think again. People tend to become more reflective of themselves once was as they are growing older. At least it happens to me, and an author whose article I run into. Individuals, classmates, or families share different nostalgic moments, and it feels good to remember some parts of it. Some months ago, I stood in front of an electronic shop display that was playing my favorite 2000s song, Rock DJ from Robbie Williams. I just stared at the home theater system they are selling and mumbling to continue the lyrics “but you’re making me feel so nice.” Having tons of silly memories from school, I then wondered what was the brand of the TV screen showing me the old video in a better quality.

Apparently, many brands use nostalgic idea for their marketing or branding strategy, and succeed! Nostalgic catches people’s attention by using collective memories, trigger famous moments. People nowadays have been dipped into ocean of new ideas and new concept. Having a nostalgic sliding across audience’s sight, it puts a break to their mind from the hustle and navigate them to a happy moment. For people between 20 to 30s years old, the era of 90s and 2000s were a golden moment when they were enjoying their so much dynamic teenager or student era. Motorola take that advantage by bringing back their old concept of flipped cell phone in a modern specification of Razr 5G. It succeeds! Not the modern specification, but the nostalgic.

Nostalgic memories have the ability in increasing people’s optimism about the future. That was a result of research at the University of Southampton. Not me saying. Their findings even showed nostalgic improved self-esteem, to bridge perception for a positive future. Additionally, nostalgia provokes people to spend money while thinking about past time memories. It is because of the instant “cash back” in the shape of comfort and happy memories. Have you ever impulsively bought fast food meals menu just because they use Pokémon on their packaging? Oh, that’s me. Or, you suddenly purchased a T-shirt with your favorite hero printed on it even if it was not on your shopping list? I got that a lot, as well as research posted in the Journal of Consumer Research had proved.

An acquaintance gave his testimony, the reason he bought a new version of the flip phone was not that he needs it. It reminds him of his teenage memories, makes him proud of who he is nowadays, and kind of told me that he believes the future will be even better, “Well, it was so cool that time (the flip phone), yet I didn’t have a chance to own it. But you see how I can buy it now. Easily! Oh, life’s good. Will always.” Taking a red line at this point, using nostalgic marketing strategy is a potency to persuade consumers in spending money to embrace a better future with the optimism generated during past time memory stimulation. Although Motorola Razr 5g is not a product promising future, the nostalgia on its concept brought success to its sales. So, if there is a chance in mixing the effect of nostalgic marketing into a product aimed to help audiences generate better a future, that sounds like a knockout combination.

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